For customers, recycle bag may be only a shopping bag. For business, it is used for promotion because of the efficiency and effectiveness. For others, recycle bag is a marketing tool for business to influence buyer attitude.  
Don't be little the recycle bag! it is suitable for schools and exhibitions to promote and present your company image in order to enlarge your market and increase the competition. Hence, a recycle bag should suit with your company image. Also, it must be special and user-friendly.
Non-woven bags are made by the fabric namely polypropylene elements (i.e. PP). This is a biodegradable fabric with non-toxic, long-wearing features and will be completely degraded in the nature within 8 years.
PRD Limited is established since 2000. It is one of the most famous recycle bag and gift manufacturers in Hong Kong. Our company specialized in producing a variety of recycle bags for different companies, associations and retail stores, etc. Hence, you can build up and promote your company image, which is actively participating in environmental protection and has a citizen's responsibility, through our products.
We provide one-stop service which is included design, manufacturing and delivery. You can choose any size, shape or color you like with your own company logo and artwork printed on the recycle bag. Besides, we provide a professional enquire service for you so that you can have the best choice and choose the best one. We believe that a specific recycle bag can influence the company image. We have our own factory in China to provide the best quality products and the most competitive price to our customers. Also, we can provide the products on time based on our abounding trading experience.
Nowadays, information is overloaded in Hong Kong. Companies must catch the eye of their target customers through different methods or channels such as a specific gift, advertisement and promotion, etc. Hence, our company also prodives different kinds of gift for you to give your valued customer. Besides, you can print your company logo on it in order to make it special and unique.
Our aim is to satisfy each of our valued customers' need and want. Therefore, all of our products are of excellent quality, at a competitive price and with a high standard service. In future, we will introduce and collect more new products for you to establish your company future. Please don't hesitate to inquire us now.

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